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ChippiWara sits in the unique niche where art meets luxury. We understand and promote the priceless value of heritage pieces, offering furniture and panels that are exquisitely detailed; made with time and care using rare techniques and finishes that can only be achieved by the finest hand.

The techniques of Marquetry and Taarkashi, both using natural timbers, are used to create unique handmade pieces that combine the highest luxuries all in one: imagined by a seasoned designer to narrate the special story of the client, crafted to their personal taste to adorn their distinctive space.
A ChippiWara piece is an investment for generations; an heirloom to last a lifetime and beyond. 


in this section, we put 6 collections which navigate to the lookbook page




Furniture pieces and panels are made to order as per client specifications.

Production and dispatch takes 6-8 weeks.


To know more about ChippiWara’s offering, visit the Collections page or submit your requirement via the form on the contact page.

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